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Back to School: 5 Actionable Takeaways from Pulse Everywhere – LIVE!

We just finished a power-30 minute show with Oliver Nono of Zendesk where we discussed how he and his team really did a makeover at Zendesk. The Customer Success (CS) team relaunched Gainsight to achieve three company goals:

  • Increased CSM time with enterprise customers, which translates into happier customers, more renewals, more growth.
  • Enabled global management and forecasting of enterprise renewals.
  • Launched a coherent, repeatable standard for CS teams globally to easily follow, while minimizing their administrative tasks.

When Oliver started working at Zendesk 4 years ago, there were roughly 30 CSMs. Today, over 190 people make up the customer team. With this massive growth, it’s clear Zendesk needed a way for the team to automate and scale. 🚀

Now back to CS School with Pulse Everywhere

It was amazing to be back in a concert venue in San Francisco with 99 other Customer Success Professionals to share stories, best practices, and support each other after an unprecedented period of isolation.

The entire event was uplifting and worth tuning in for. Do yourself a favor and make time to enjoy the many sessions. Invest in yourself!

So many topics are covered and now available on-demand. From advanced topics like driving major transformations and understanding trends in customer net retention to primers on how companies of all sizes are launching CS programs faster and improving customer experience, Pulse 2021  has a plethora of learning opportunities for any CS professional wanting to update their knowledge and refresh their toolset.

Here are a few sessions to help your CS team grow and to inspire you: 

1. PANEL: Launch Customer Success Fast and Deliver the Value your Customers Expect

With the growing importance of customer success, businesses are not only focused on establishing a customer success function and launching their strategy, they’re looking to do this with speed and customer impact. In this session, Kelly Hall, VP of CS at Malwarebytes, and Lorna Henri, VP of Customer Success at Modern Health, share their people, process & technology tips for launching customer success faster so your teams can start delivering value to your customers sooner.

You can watch the full session here.

2. Simplifying CS with Growth Molecules: Process + Systems (Pulse Unplugged) – 

Complexities diminish CX & revenue opportunities. Learn how to simplify customer success which leads to expansion & retention opportunities. This session is focused on how to turn your customer success organization into a profit center. You can watch the full session here.

3. After The Final Session: The Working Parents of Customer Success Tell All – 

The final session included four parents who survived working from home this past year. From home offices to kitchen commutes, parents in the Customer Success profession had to balance it all: conference calls, tablet school, and the ongoing success of their clients. A career in CS means you are naturally in it for all the right reasons, but what are the reasons parents overcame 2020’s challenges and even rose to victory? Join Arjun Devgan, VP of CS at Amplitude, Evan Williams, Director of CS at Nightfall AI and Sabina Pons and Emilia D’Anzica of Growth Molecules.

4. The Customer Health Bake Off: Creating Great Health Models Through Iteration (Gainsight on Gainsight)

CS Ops is our passion and so we really enjoyed Gainsight’s Kendra McClanahan, Manager, Customer Success Operations, talk about how to develop effective, actionable health scores. Kendra explained how to create and iterate on your health score model, and ensure that scores are tied to leading indicators for your business.

You can watch the full session here.

5. Season 2 Premiere: Pulse Everywhere Closing Keynote hit home

Gainsight CEO, Nick Mehta took the stage to kick off Season Two of Pulse Everywhere, sharing a look into the evolution of Customer Success over the last year and his vision for the future of CS in 2021 and beyond. 

Nick closed day one of Pulse Everywhere with personal struggles during covid. How many CEOs do you know that are willing to be this vulnerable?

You can catch the closing song (it’s hilarious & very on point with what you’d expect from Gainsight!) and Nick’s closing keynote here.

Did you miss the pre-show? 

Here is a fun and LIVE walk-through of Pulse Everywhere 2021 at August Hall in San Francisco as the Gainsight team prepared to welcome the world’s first live customer success conference with over 20,000 people tuning in virtually! ⬇️

What’s next?

The Next Gainsight Event that is free to the community is taking place on September 1st. You can register for ‘Evolve’ here. The team is unveiling an ‘All-New Experience built for CSMs’ to work smarter and be more productive. Easily build your dream Gainsight Home, with the most important insights and actions at your fingertips.

PS. Do you have a CS Makeover you would like to share with the world? Contact us to find out how you can get involved in the CS Makeover Show. See you at the next CS Makeover show, on September 16th! Colin Dawson, Value Realisation Leader at BMC will be our guest.

Your hosts,

Emilia and Paul.

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