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Free Tool: How to Predict Customer Renewals Guide

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This guide will help you launch your customer health dashboard and scorecard program using a scientifically sound approach that will help you reduce churn and increase lifetime value reliably. You’ll also be better able to forecast renewals.

As Global VP of Customer Success and Support at Mavenlink, Sabina Pons, now a Principal Consultant at Growth Molecules, had a challenge. Being an operationally excellent company, Mavenlink had customer health data and could easily make a health score but it couldn’t reliably predict customer renewal. While a scorecard can be used in many ways, an effective score should help predict renewal. As anyone who has created customer health scores and dashboards will tell you, it’s easier said than done. It took Sabina and team a few months to launch a prototype using Gainsight. It took a few quarters to get something very useful for day-to-day engagement with customers. It took over a year to make a customer scorecard that accurately predicts renewals each quarter. This process below is based on the steps Sabina developed as she and the internal stakeholders iterated on designing, developing, and measuring a customer scorecard that exceeded 87% accuracy in predicting renewals.

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